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108th Street & Oakbrook Channel Online Meeting



    Welcome to the virtual public meeting for the City of Omaha’s 108th Street Improvement and Oakbrook Channel Repair projects.

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    108th Street & Oakbrook Channel Repair Projects

    Please watch the Project Overview and Introduction Video below. Click on the Image to begin playing the video. If you would like to pause the video at any time, please hover over the bottom of the video window and click on the pause button.

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    108th Street Project Overview

    108th Street between Burt and Decatur has multiple driveways and is steep in some locations. The proposed project would improve safety, drainage and pedestrian connectivity issues by constructing a new roadway crosssection, storm sewer improvements and ADA-compliant ramps, trail and sidewalks in the area.

    The 108th Street improvement project, while described as being between Burt Street on the south and Decatur Street on the north, may consider improvements between Mill Valley Road and Decatur Street.

    project overview map

    The purpose of this project is to enhance safety for all modes of travel with the primary goals listed below.


    Enhance grades and intersection sight distances


    Reduce crashes


    Enhance bicycle and pedestrian accommodations


    Enhance access and drainage

    Roadway Alternative #1

    Click on images to enlarge

    Cross section illustration of Alternative 1 Aerial view of Alternative 1

    The first alternative would reconstruct 108th Street as a 2-lane roadway with curb and gutter. New sidewalk and multi-use trail would be constructed as well. These improvements would fit inside of existing right-of-way but may require some grading into private property.

    Roadway Alternative #2

    Click on images to enlarge

    Cross section illustration of Alternative 2 Aerial view of Alternative 2

    The second alternative would reconstruct 108th Street as a 3-lane roadway with curb and gutter. Again, new sidewalk and multi-use trail would be constructed as well. These improvements would also fit inside of existing right-of-way but would require some grading into private property.

    A third alternative, not shown, would include a combination of the 2-lane and 3-lane alternatives in different locations along the corridor, based on traffic operations and safety considerations.

    Roadway Cross-Section Evaluation

    All three alternatives were evaluated based on the criteria shown on the screen. A full circle means the alternative best met the criteria, whereas an empty circle means the alternative was rated fair. This type of analysis is used to determine the alternative that most appropriately meets the project goals. Note that public and stakeholder input are one of the screening criteria considered in the decision-making process. Your feedback is needed and will be incorporated into this Evaluation Matrix for the final evaluation.

    Alternatives Screening Summary - Corridor Cross-Section

    Evaluation table - roadway

    Intersection Alternatives

    Intersection control is another consideration for this project. Two intersection types are discussed below.

    Roundabout Intersection

    Roundabout intersection

    A roundabout could be constructed at this intersection, and potentially at other intersections in the corridor, calming traffic through the area, enhancing bicycle and pedestrian crossings, and enhancing overall safety for the intersection.

    Traditional Intersection

    Traditional intersection

    The Burt Street intersection could be reconstructed to improve traffic operations and safety. Shown here is a traditional two-way stop-controlled intersection, where 108th Street/Avenue is the through movement.

    Intersection Evaluation

    Research shows that roundabouts provide a 35% reduction in total crashes and a reduced vehicle delay when compared to stop controlled and signalized intersections. Roundabouts also provide fewer pedestrian/vehicle conflict points. The safety and traffic flow of roundabouts are important to consider.

    Alternatives Screening Summary - Intersection Control

    Evaluation table - intersections

    108th Street Project Schedule

    We are currently in the preliminary design phase, with final design anticipated to begin fall of 2020, Right-of-Way anticipated to begin in 2021 and construction to occur in spring of 2022. Additional public meetings will be held during final design and prior to construction beginning.

    Project schedule

    108th Street Project Contacts

    Photograph of neighborhood street

    Project Manager

    Paula Pogge
    Design Division, Public Works Department


    Tony Egelhoff

    Oakbrook Channel Repair Project Overview

    The Oakbrook Channel has degraded over time, resulting in major streambank erosion and stability concerns. The area around the channel has been compromised, including sanitary sewer lines and power transmission line poles. There are also multiple private storm drain outfalls along the channel and the City is working with owners to develop solutions. The proposed project focuses on the downstream channel beginning near Seward Street and the tributary channel perpendicular to 108th Street near Charles Street.

    Oakbrook Channel Repair Project map

    The Oakbrook Channel Repair Project focuses on the main channel downstream of the recently completed Phase I Project, and the tributary channel perpendicular to 108th Street near Charles Street. Stabilization and restoration measures are needed to mitigate the remaining unstabilized portion of the Oakbrook Channel.

    This project is being proposed to provide stabilization and restoration measures needed to mitigate severe erosion issues adjacent to 108th Street and Charles Street. This is a separate project, which could be constructed in conjunction with the 108th Street project, dependent on future funding.

    The goal is to enhance channel stability, protect critical infrastructure, protect public and private property, and accommodate multi-use features for recreation, multi-modal transportation, and environmental benefit, where possible.

    Oakbrook Channel Issues/Solutions

    Severe degradation of the channel has prompted previous repair projects. However instability in the connecting channel sections still presents a threat to critical infrastructure, including public and private property as well as the function of the Oakbrook Channel system as a whole.

    Hover or tap on the shapes on the map to view channel issues and potential solutions.

    Oakbrook Channel Repair Project Schedule

    Oakbrook Channel Repair schedule

    Oakbrook Channel Repair Project Contacts

    Photograph of neighborhood street

    Project Manager

    Noma V. Borde, PE, CFM
    Design Division, Public Works Department


    Patrick J. Engelbert, PE

    We Want Your Input!

    There are several opportunities to provide input or ask questions of the project teams. Comments will be received through July 3, 2020.

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