108th Street Improvement and Oakbrook Channel Repair

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Welcome to the second virtual public meeting for the City of Omaha’s 108th Street Improvement and Oakbrook Channel Repair projects.

A close up of a map that shows the entire project area and the surrounding parks and streets.

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The purpose of this meeting is to:

  • Share the preferred roadway alternative and potential channel alternatives
  • Share proposed roadway construction phasing
  • Gather feedback


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  • Share your comments with us by using the tools on the last slide

The entire session should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your interest in helping to Keep Omaha Moving.


Please watch the Project Overview and Introduction Video below. Click on the Image to begin playing the video. If you would like to pause the video at any time, please hover over the bottom of the video window and click on the pause button.

108th Street Project Overview

108th Street between Burt and Decatur has multiple driveways and is steep in some locations. The proposed project would improve safety, drainage and pedestrian connectivity issues by constructing a new roadway cross section, storm sewer improvements and ADA-compliant ramps, trail and sidewalks in the area.

The 108th Street improvement project, while described as being between Burt Street on the south and Decatur Street on the north, actually considered improvements between Mill Valley Road and Decatur Street.

An aerial map that highlights 108th Avenue and 108th Street. The map also shows surrounding neighborhoods and streets.

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Project Goals:

  • Improve grades and intersection sight distances
  • Reduce crashes
  • Improve bicycle and pedestrian accommodations
  • Improve access and drainage

How Decisions Were Made

Multiple criteria evaluated:

  • Safety
  • Traffic flow
  • Pedestrian / bicycle compatibility
  • Minimize property impacts
  • Adjacent projects
  • Multiple stakeholder meetings and public comments

108th Street Preferred Alternative

Future vision for 108th Street.

Click on the Image to begin playing the video. If you would like to pause the video at any time, please hover over the bottom of the video window and click on the pause button.

The preferred alternative is a three-lane section—one through lane in each direction with a center turn lane—through most of the corridor.

The preferred alternative also includes roundabouts located at Mill Valley Road, Burt Street and North Mill Road intersections. A new 10-foot-wide trail is located to the east and new sidewalks will be built on the west side of 108th Street, connecting to Horizon and Lee Valley parks. Three new protected pedestrian crossings will be located generally between Nicholas Street and Franklin Street. Multiple bus stops, intersection lighting and new storm sewer will be located throughout the project area.

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An image of the 3-lane section with a multi-use trail.

Use the pins on the interactive map below to view renderings of future components of the improvement project. Click the images to enlarge

108th Street Construction Phasing

In general, construction of the project would begin on the south end and continue north. The extent, duration and timing of each phase will be developed during final design and shared prior to the beginning of construction.

Aerial map that shows the construction phasing of the project

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108th Street Schedule

A timeline that depicts key project milestones for the years of 2020, 2021, and 2022.

We Want Your Input!

For more information on this project and others, visit KeepOmahaMoving.com.

Individual Zoom meeting sessions with the project team are also being offered to address individual concerns and questions on Tuesday, February 16 between 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm.

Contact hengstrom@olsson.com to register.


Jamie Winterstein, Project Manager
Design Division, Public Works Department



Call Jamie Email Jamie


Tony Egelhoff, PE



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Oakbrook Channel Project Overview

A close up of a map that shows the entire Oakbrook Channel project area and the surrounding parks and streets.

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The Oakbrook Channel Outfall Repair focusses on the main channel downstream of, and including, the recently completed Phase I Project, and the tributary channel perpendicular to 108th Street near Charles Street. Channel instability has the potential to impact adjacent public and private infrastructure resulting from continued channel degradation, channel widening, and channel migration.

Project Issues:

  • Channel degradation
  • Channel widening
  • Migration near power lines
  • Storm sewer outfalls compromised

Stabilization and restoration measures are needed to mitigate the remaining unstabilized portion of the Oakbrook Channel. The goal is to improve channel stability, mitigate storm drain outfall erosion, all while coordinating with the 108th Street Project.

Project Goals:

  • Rehabilitate and restore the stream channel
  • Protect adjacent infrastructure
  • Develop implementation plan
  • Coordinate with 108th Street Project

Oakbrook Channel Schedule

A timeline that depicts key Oakbrook Channel Repair project milestones for the years of 2020 and 2021.

Oakbrook Channel Alternatives

Alternative A incorporates a low bed profile (near existing bed profile elevations) and reduces the need for cross vanes except in the Oakbrook Upper Reach. In the Upper Reach, four sets of cross vanes (3-4 cross vanes each) would accommodate the change in bed profile. Channel geometry would be modified to accomplish a stable slope.

Access to intermediate features would be difficult due to overall top width, proximity of nearby features, and property ownership. Access limitations would be similar to the existing condition. Sanitary sewer infrastructure along the south side of the Tributary Channel would need to be relocated or protected.

Map detailing Alternative A options for the Oakbrook Channel project.

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Alternative A
OPPD TRANSMISSION LINE Realign stream and adjust side slope near this feature
OAKBROOK PARK Realign stream and adjust side slope near this feature
SANITARY SEWER LINE Relocation or protection required
ADJACENT PROPERTY Structural measure required to maintain clearances for apartment building
CHARLES ST. OUTFALL Remains in place

Oakbrook Channel Project Contacts

Information will continue to be shared publicly as part of the 108th Street Transportation Project.


George Parizek, PE
Design Division, Public Works Department



Call George Email George


Patrick J. Engelbert, PE



Call Patrick Email Patrick