120th Street — Stonegate Dr to Roanoke Blvd Improvement Project

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Welcome to the virtual pre-construction meeting for the 120th Street Improvement Project between Stonegate Dr and Roanoke Blvd. Use the navigation menu to visit a specific topic OR use the Next and Previous arrows below to move between slides.

3D rendering of the proposed Big Papillion Creek Bridge with trail undercrossing.

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Thank you for participating in our virtual meeting for the 120th Street Project.

The purpose of this meeting is to:

  • Introduce you to the project team
  • Provide an update on the project plans for construction
  • Explain how you can stay informed and submit your questions

The information presented in this meeting is the same information you would have received at an in-person event. This way, we can all stay healthy and up to date on the project.


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  • A video presentation of this meeting is available in the next section. Please watch the video and use the remaining slides to study the information presented during the presentation.
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  • Share questions or comments with us at KeepOmahaMoving.com/stay-informed.

The entire session should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Thank you for your interest in helping to Keep Omaha Moving.

Project Overview

120th Street between Stonegate Dr and Roanoke Blvd will be reconstructed to a four-lane roadway divided by a median. Improvements include new roadway with curb and gutter, enclosed storm sewer, sidewalks and trails, retaining walls, and a traffic signal.

The project will improve the consistency of 120th Street’s roadway section, which varies from four lanes, to two lanes, and back to four lanes within the corridor. The project will also provide continuity of pedestrian facilities, address roadway capacity, and enhance safety to accommodate projected future traffic demands. The project will support local and regional initiatives of the City of Omaha and the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency, known as MAPA.

Safety Icon Increase Safety
Capacity Icon Increase Section Consistency
Congestion Icon Decrease Congestion
Mobility Icon Improve Mobility
Map of the location of the 120th Street Project from Stonegate Drive to Roanoke Boulevard.

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Project Schedule

We have completed final design, the environmental assessment, acquisition of the right-of-way necessary to build the project, and utilities are in the process of being relocated as needed.

In October, the project was let and Tab Construction was selected to complete construction. Construction will begin in January 2021 and is anticipated to be complete in October 2022. Please note this schedule is tentative and subject to change based on project circumstances.

Project Schedule. 2020: letting and bidding, October; construction preparation, November and December. 2021: pre-construction public meeting, January; construction begins, January; utility relocation, November 2019-March 2020. 2022: construction complete, August; open to traffic, October.

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Schedule subject to change based on project circumstances.

Construction Phasing

Construction Phasing Overview

Although project plans identify 12 individual phases, this project will be constructed in four substantial phases as shown on this slide in a phasing overview. As mentioned on the previous slide, construction of 120th Street is expected to begin in late January 2021 and will be completed and open to traffic by October 22, 2022. In the following slides, phasing will be described in more detail.

Phasing schedule showing 2020 through 2022

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Southern part of project area map highlighting all 4 substantial phases of the project. Northern part of project area map highlighting all 4 substantial phases of the project.

Typical Roadway Cross Sections

The roadway cross section for this project is similar to other recent arterial projects such as 168th Street and 156th Street between West Dodge Road and West Maple Road.

Once constructed, there will be two lanes in either direction, separated by a median. From Stonegate Drive to just north of the West Maple Ditch Bridge, a 12-foot paved median will be constructed. The remainder of the project will have a 16-foot raised median widening to 28-feet for dual left turns. At key intersections, turn lanes will be added. Those intersections include:

  • Stonegate Dr
  • The entrance to Mulhall’s
  • Two entrances to Tranquility Park
  • The south entrance to Keystone Little League
  • Roanoke Boulevard
  • The dual left turn lanes at West Maple Road
Proposed Typical Roadway Cross Sections.

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Project Segments

Stonegate Drive to West Maple Road

In this and several of the following slides, we will walk through the proposed construction on 120th Street. The existing roadway will be removed and replaced as shown – with roadway lanes in yellow, bridges in pink, raised medians in blue, and sidewalks in orange. A blue “x” in a circle indicates an access restricted to right turns in and right turns out. A red “x” in a circle represents a permanently closed access location.

Proposed construction will begin approximately 200 feet north of Stonegate Dr. In this transition area, two through lanes in each direction will be built, along with a center two-way-left-turn-lane. Five-foot wide sidewalks will be built on each side of 120th Street. The bridge over the West Maple Creek and Ditch will be widened to accommodate two lanes in each direction with a center two-way-left-turn-lane. Two left turn lanes and one right turn lane will be provided on each leg of the intersection at West Maple Road and 120th Street.

Traffic on 120th Street will no longer be able to turn left directly onto Emmet Street; however, U-turns will be allowed at West Maple Road. Approximately 500-feet of West Maple Road will be removed and replaced to accommodate the lengthened turn lanes. New traffic signals and intersection lighting will be part of the improvements at the intersection.

New traffic signals and intersection lighting will be a part of the improvements at the intersection.

Project area map highlighting proposed improvements from Stonegate Drive to West Maple Road.

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Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment document page 1

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Environmental Assessment document page 2

Project Contacts

3D Rendering of the Proposed Big Papillion Creek Bridge with trail undercrossing.

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Luke Jager
City of Omaha, Construction Manager

Chris Wilsey
TAB Construction, Construction Project Manager

Or email: info@KeepOmahaMoving.com

Thank You

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