168th Street — West Center Road to Pacific Street Project

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Welcome to the Virtual Public Information Meeting for the 168th Street, West Center Road to Pacific Street Project. Use the navigation menu to visit a specific topic OR use the Next and Previous arrows below to move between slides.

Please watch the Project Overview and Introduction Video. Click on the play button to begin playing the video. If you would like to pause the video at any time, please hover over the bottom of the video window and click on the pause button.

The purpose of this meeting is to:

  • Discuss the results of planning and final design efforts
  • Provide information about planned construction activities

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The entire session should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Thank you for your interest in helping to Keep Omaha Moving.

Project Overview

168th Street between West Center Road and Pacific Street will be reconstructed to a four-lane roadway divided by a median. The existing two-lane and three-lane roadway is currently at capacity and often experiences delays during the peak hours of travel. Improvements include a new roadway with curb and gutter, enclosed storm sewer, sidewalks, retaining walls, noise walls, and traffic signals.

Construction of the project will cost $14.4 million. The primary benefits of this project include improving safety for all transportation users, enhancing traffic operations, and decreasing peak hour congestion.

Safety Icon Increase Safety
Capacity Icon Increase Capacity
Congestion Icon Decrease Congestion
Project area map, showing 168th street from Pacific Street to West Center Road

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Project Schedule

In preparation of the City’s construction efforts and ahead of the City’s contractor beginning, utilities will begin relocations on January 4, 2021. A utility closure for 168th is planned from West Center Road to Pacific Street. Local access along the corridor will be maintained. If utilities are planning service interruptions, they will contact impacted people.

The City’s contractor will contact owners to coordinate trash or mail service if impacts are planned. If owners are planning to move items discussed during the right of way process they should do so prior to March 1, 2021.

Additionally, the City has coordinated with Lakeside hospital to maintain emergency services and access in the area during construction.

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Omaha Public Power District

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Customer Success
Metropolitan Utilities District

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Project schedule: 2007-2017, preliminary design work: analyses, noise, traffic geotechnical, environmental, preliminary design. 2018/2019, final design activities: additional field exploration, final design, right-of-way acquisition. 2020, construction: utility relocation, letting and bidding, construction preparation. 2021/2020, construction: construction begins (tentattively). Public Involvement and Stakeholder Outreach throughout project lifetime: business and stakeholder meetings in 2019, online public open house in winter 2020/2021.

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Schedule subject to change based on project circumstances.

Construction Phasing

Construction is anticipated to be complete in 2022 and will be constructed in four phases. A full closure between Frances and Pine Street will begin in March and last approximately nine months.

Phase 1

Close the section between Frances and Pine Streets.

Project area map highlighting Phase 1 of project.

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Typical Roadway Cross Sections

The roadway cross section for this project is the same as you’ve seen on other recent projects such as 168th Street and 156th Street between West Dodge Road and West Maple Road.

Once constructed, there will be two lanes in either direction, separated by a 16-foot median. At key intersections, turn lanes will be added. Those intersections include:

  • Lakeside Hills Plaza
  • Frances Street
  • Shirley/Hickory Street
  • Pine Street West
  • Poppleton Avenue
Typical 4 lane cross-section of road with a 28 foot median. Features a 5-foot sidewalk, 2 southbound lanes, a 28-foot grass median, 2 northbound lanes, and another 5-foot sidewalk. Typical 4 lane cross-section of road with a single left turn lane. Features a 5-foot sidewalk, 2 southbound lanes, paved median, single northbound left turn lane, 2 northbound lanes, and another 5-foot sidewalk.

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Project Segments

West Center Road to Lakeside Hills Plaza

The project location begins north of West Center Road. The intersection itself was previously widened, so the project construction will begin just north of the newer pavement. There are five noise walls on this project, two of which can be seen in this view, along the east side of the road. There will be a permanent signal located at the Lakeside Hills Plaza intersection.

Examples of Noise Walls

Collage of example noise walls

Click image to enlarge

Project Segment: West Center Road to Lakeside Hills Plaza

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Project Contacts

Vehicles driving down two way street.

Luke Jager
City of Omaha, Construction Manager

Marty Weander
Olsson Associates, Lead Inspector

Troy Renkin
Olsson Associates, Lead Inspector

Or email: info@KeepOmahaMoving.com

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