108th Street - Madison to Q Street

About the Project

The proposed 108th Street Madison to Q Street Project in Omaha will expand the existing 2-lane 108th Street between Madison and Berry Plaza to a 4-lane roadway with median, and from Berry Plaza to Q Street to a 5-lane roadway. The project will taper the proposed roadway past the 108th and Q Street and the 108th and Madison intersections to match up to the existing roadway. The project will also connect to the existing storm sewer at the 108th Street intersections with Madison Street, Washington Street and Borman Avenue.Temporary and permanent easements at the intersection of 108th Street and Washington Street are needed to accommodate a new right turn bay. The project will also interconnect with the existing traffic signals at the 108th and Q Street intersection.

Project benefits include:

  • improved safety for all transportation useres
  • enhanced traffic operation
  • smoother riding surface
  • decreased peak hour congestion

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Project Schedule


Agents are currently obtaining necessary easements and right-of-way. Construction is anticipated to begin in either late 2018 or early 2019.

Past project activites include:

  • Public Information Meeting: October 28, 2014


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Jon Meyer, P.E.
Project Manager, City of Omaha