108th Street Improvement Project – Burt to Decatur & Oakbrook Channel Repair Project

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108th Street between Burt and Decatur has multiple driveways and is steep in some locations. The proposed project would improve safety, drainage and pedestrian connectivity issues by constructing a new roadway cross-section, storm sewer improvements and ADA-compliant ramps, trail and sidewalks in the area.
Adjacent to the 108th Street project, the Oakbrook Channel has degraded over time, resulting in major streambank erosion and stability concerns. The area around the channel has been compromised, including sanitary sewer lines and power transmission line poles. There are also multiple private storm drain outfalls along the channel and the City is working with owners to develop solutions. The proposed project focuses on the downstream channel beginning near Seward Street and the tributary channel perpendicular to 108th Street near Charles Street.

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108th Street Project Schedule

Oakbrook Channel Project Schedule

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June 9, 2020 
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108th Street Improvement Project
Paula Pogge, EIT
Project Manager, City of Omaha
Oakbrook Channel Repair Project
Noma Borde, PE, CFM
Project Manager, City of Omaha