192nd and West Center Road Intersection Improvements

About the Project

This project would reconstruct 192nd Street to increase capacity of the intersection with West Center Road (US Hwy 275). Improvements would begin near Grover Street on the south and extend north to Gold Street. The approaches at the intersection would be improved to four lane divided sections with dual left-turn lanes in all four directions. New traffic signal(s) would be installed. The Boxelder Creek Bridge would be widened to accommodate the proposed construction. Toward the south end of the project along 192nd the roadway would transition to the existing number of lanes. Pedestrian connectivity and ADA accessibility would also be addressed. 
At this time, it is anticipated that 192nd Street would remain open to traffic during construction, but access would be limited at times. Access to adjacent properties would be maintained at all times.

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Jeff Babcock, P.E.
Project Manager
City of Omaha