42nd Street "C" & "D" Bridge Replacement (OPW 52599)

About the Project

The existing 42nd Street “C” & “D” bridges, just south of Interstate-80, provides a vital connection for over 30,000 vehicles a day. These bridges were constructed in 1960 and have experienced various maintenance projects throughout the years and are near the end of their useful life.  An evaluation of the options by the Public Works Department has determined replacement is the most cost-effective solution and best long-term strategy for best use of City funds to keep this vital north-south roadway functioning.
The project will consist of removing the two bridge structures and replacing them with a single bridge, improving the 42nd & “D” Street intersection and construction of new concrete pavement, sidewalks, and driveways.

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During construction, 42nd Street will be closed at D Street and immediately south of the I-80 off ramp. A detour will be provided for traffic using 42nd Street south of “D” Street.  The multi-use trail under the “D” Street bridge will remain open except for periodic closures during specific construction activities where the safe use of the trail cannot be maintained.
Closing 42nd Street to replace the bridges was a difficult decision and the Public Works Department weighed different construction options.  Ultimately, the city selected the full closure as the best option over phasing that would maintain 1-lane of traffic in each direction due to serious safety concerns, reduced overall project duration because of increased construction efficiency, and significant cost savings to taxpayers.  The safety of the traveling public was the most important factor in this decision.  The project corridor is too narrow to be able to maintain 2-lanes of traffic in each direction during construction.  Providing 1-lane of travel in each direction created significant safety concerns due to the narrow project corridor, significant congestion lasting at least two years during construction, and the poor intersection configurations during construction and ability to safely protect the traveling public at both the I-80 off and on ramps and the D St intersections. Beyond the safety benefits, a full closure reduces the timeline for construction from at least 2 years to approximately 1 year for restoring traffic flow in a safer condition. Finally, the efficiencies gained by allowing the Contractor to work on all or critical elements of the whole bridge at the same time created significant cost savings.

Project Schedule

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Project Updates

October 4, 2022
Beginning Monday, October 17, 2022, at 9:00 a.m., South 42nd Street between I-80 East bound exit ramp and D Street will be closed for bridge reconstruction by Hawkins Construction and will be in effect until December 2023. 



Pre-Construction Public Information Meeting:
Thursday, August 25, 2022
6:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. 
Norris Middle School 
2235 S. 46th Street, Omaha, 68106

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Everett Owen, PE
Project Manager, Public Works Division