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70th Street & Dodge Street Median (COMPLETED)

About the Project

The 70th Street & Dodge Street intersection currently has a median break providing full access to/from Dodge Street. The intersection has a significantly higher number of crashes than the citywide average at similar intersections. Given the low traffic volumes of the movements involving the crash patterns, the rate of those vehicles getting in a crash are significantly higher.

The project would accomplish the following:

  • Most effective measure to mitigate the crash patterns and improve safety.
  • Convert the 70th Street and private driveway approaches to right‐turn in and right‐turn out only access.
  • Conforming the access between 69 th Street and 72 nd Street to be consistent with the City of Omaha’s Master Plan that details an Arterial Access Control Policy to limit full access to the quarter mile intersections.

Access can be maintained to all areas via other existing routes for all directions of travel. Based on the recent traffic counts, the amount of diverted traffic is low and would have little impact on existing operations at nearby intersections. 

Project Schedule

Construction during Spring/Summer 2023


Project Updates

May 2023

Work is expected to begin in early June and is expected to take approximately 1-2 weeks to complete.

March 2023

The City performed a traffic safety study of the 70th Street and Dodge Street intersection, view the study results here: Traffic Safety Study

 Contact Us

  • To submit a comment or receive project updates, join the project mailing list through our Contact Form.
  • To provide your input about a specific location within the project area, visit the City Map.


Nicholas Gordon, PE, P.T.O.E.
Project Manager, City of Omaha