84th & Indian Hills Intersection Realignment

About the Project

The City of Omaha has proposed improvements that would realign the intersection of 84th Street and Indian Hills Drive. The existing intersection has a split configuration along 84th Street with traffic signals at the intersections of Indian Hills Drive to the west and Dodge Street to the east. The project would realign Indian Hills Drive and Dodge Street so that there would be only one signal at 84th Street. Additionally, turn lanes and raised medians would be added to the intersection. Retaining walls would be designed at the northeast and southwest quadrants of the intersection. Funding for this project is comprised of local and private funds. No Federal or State funding will be used for this project.

Benefits of this project:

  • The intersection will be easier to navigate because there will only be one traffic signal.
  • The intersection will be safer because of planned enhancements such as a raised median on 84th Street and right turn lanes.
  • The intersection will be designed and built to meet current Federal, State and local design standards.


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Project Schedule


This project is current in preliminary design. No public meetings are scheduled at this point. If you have questions or comments, please use the City Map. Sign up for project notifications.

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Jeff Babcock, P.E.
Project Manager

City of Omaha