Farnam Street Two-way Conversion: 50th and 52nd Street Intersection Improvements (OPW 53844)

About the Project

The City of Omaha (City) Public Works Department is completing a corridor study to improve the segment of Farnam Street from Dodge Street to 46th Street. The purpose of this study is to analyze the feasibility of permanently converting Farnam Street to a continuous, two-way street through the study area. The study evaluates other appropriate improvements that could be implemented to accommodate future growth with a focus on vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian travel.

The segment of Farnam Street that passes through the Dundee neighborhood is currently a two-lane undivided roadway from 46th Street to Happy Hollow Boulevard. This segment also switches between one-way and two-way operation throughout the day using variable lane assignment via signalization. During morning commuter period (7:00 AM to 9:00 AM), Farnam Street operates as a two-lane one-way roadway in the eastbound direction. During the afternoon commuter period (4:00 PM to 6:00 PM), Farnam Street operates as a two-lane one-way roadway in the westbound direction. This one-way operation only occurs during the commuter peak hours on weekdays; Farnam Street otherwise operates as two-way the rest of the day and all day during the weekends.

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Project Benefits

The traffic study evaluated the intersections along Farnam Street and the associated roadway segments. The study determined future traffic demand and anticipated intersection operations with permanent two-way traffic. The existing crash history and future operations were utilized to provide recommendations for improvements at the intersections of Farnam Street with 50th Street and 52nd Street. The study also investigated the roadway improvements necessary for the conversion.

How Stakeholders and the Public Can Stay Involved 

Public involvement will be a key part of the design process, both to gather input and opinions on the roadway improvements in the early stages of the project and then to keep the public informed on the proposed improvements in the later stages. Stakeholders and the public can stay informed by bookmarking this project page on www.keepomahamoving.com, and by participating in the comment process.



April 25, 2022
A public open house was held regarding the conversion of Farnam Street to two-way traffic all-day.  The proposed conversion would include intersection improvements at 50th and 52nd Streets and Farnam Street. 

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Justin C. Zetterman, P.E.
Project Manager, Public Works Division 
City of Omaha