Farnam Street Two-way Conversion: 50th and 52nd Street Intersection Improvements (OPW 53844)

About the Project

The City of Omaha has completed a corridor study that analyzed the feasibility of permanently converting Farnam Street to a continuous two-way, all-day street from Happy Hollow Blvd to Saddle Creek.  As a part of this study, the potential need for improvements to the intersections of 50th and Farnam and 52nd and Farnam was further analyzed.  It was determined that it was not feasible to convert Farnam Street to a two-way, all-day street without improvements at these two intersections.  Without reconstruction, important improvements to safety and a minimum standard for operations could not be achieved. 

The final stage of study was a public meeting held on April 25, 2022 and a corresponding public comment period.  The main takeaway from the comments received was that safety and slowing traffic was a priority to the public.  Safety is also the top priority of the City.  Based upon the study’s analysis of existing crash history and future traffic operations, as well as comments received from the public, the construction of roundabouts at the intersections of 50th and Farnam and at 52nd and Farnam has been selected as the preferred option. 


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Project Benefits

The conversion of Farnam to a two-way, all-day street should help eliminate driver confusion and the inherent risk of drivers driving in the wrong direction during one-way operations.  To allow the conversion to occur, roundabouts will be constructed which are planned to achieve the following benefits:
  • Decrease vehicle speeds by acting as traffic calming devices.  Slower vehicular movement would result in increased safety for pedestrians and drivers.
  • Decrease in crash frequency (both intersections have crash rates that are almost double the citywide average.)
  • Decrease crash severity.
  • Eliminate red light running (nearly 50% of all crashes at these two intersections involved vehicles running red lights.)

What's Next

  • Survey and Design beginning Fall 2022
  • ROW (Right-of-way) acquisition process beginning Spring 2023
  • Construction start tentatively planned to begin in Spring 2024

How Stakeholders and the Public Can Stay Involved 

Thank you to all who attended the public meeting and provided input during the public outreach portion of this project.  The City of Omaha values your opinions.

Stakeholders and the public can stay informed by bookmarking this project page on www.keepomahamoving.com.


Past Events

April 25, 2022
A public open house was held regarding the conversion of Farnam Street to two-way traffic all-day.  The proposed conversion would include intersection improvements at 50th and 52nd Streets and Farnam Street. 

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Kristi Evans, P.E.
Project Manager, Public Works Division 
City of Omaha