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2023 Bike Lane Improvements (OPW 54282)

North 16th Street and Dodge Street Bike Lanes Improvements 

About the Project

The City of Omaha Planning Department and Public Works Department annually review the proposed major street resurfacing projects planned throughout the City for opportunities to implement “Complete Streets” improvements (such as bike lanes or pedestrian crossing improvements) that can be accomplished through striping and signage changes. By coordinating striping changes with resurfacing, Complete Streets improvements can often be made more efficiently and for lower costs than if the improvements were implemented separately from street resurfacing.

The planned fall 2023 resurfacing project along North 16th Street from Chicago Street to Nicholas Street has been identified as a good candidate to include striping changes to improve and extend the existing bike lanes along North 16th Street. In addition, as part of the planned resurfacing of (Old) Dodge Street from West Dodge Rd to 83rd Street, a four-lane to three-lane reconfiguration with bike lanes is proposed.

The purpose of these striping reconfigurations is to calm 16th Street and Dodge Street traffic, to improve safety and comfort for all modes of transportation, and to implement bicycle network improvements that are proposed in City and regional planning documents (including the MAPA Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan and the Forever North Housing & Multimodal Transportation Study).

The proposed reconfiguration on 16th Street includes:

  • adding all-way stop signs at the intersections of 16th & Nicholas and at 16th & Mike Fahey, alleviating issues with sightlines at these intersections;
  • restriping the existing 4 feet wide bike lanes to increase their width and add a painted buffer wherever feasible between Cass Street and Cuming Street;
  • extending the bike lanes north to Nicholas Street as part of the resurfacing project; and 
  • further extending the bike lanes from Nicholas Street to Clark Street, which (although not within the limits of the street resurfacing) will close the 1/3 mile gap between the bike lanes installed with the resurfacing project and the bike lanes being added along 16th Street from Clark Street to Lothrop Street as part of the “Nicholas Street Sewer Extension Phase 3b” project currently under construction.

When all of these improvements are completed, the North 16th Street bike lanes will be continuous for approximately 2 miles. 

The proposed changes on (Old) Dodge Street include restriping the existing 4-lane undivided section to a three lane (2 travel lanes with center turn lane), which provides the following benefits:

  • lowering crash risk by providing a dedicated lane for left turn movements, which reduces risk of rear-end collisions as well as left-turn collisions due to improved sightlines toward oncoming traffic; and
  • allowing for repurposing of the excess road space to include dedicated bicycle lanes, which will allow for better connectivity from Children’s Hospital to lower volume streets (via 81st St and Farnam Dr) that connect to the adjacent neighborhoods, and which may, in the longer term, connect to the Keystone Trail via proposed sidepaths along the south side of Dodge St.

Project Updates

Dodge Street Updates:

  • Beginning Tuesday, September 5th, milling work will occur and will be in effect until September 8th. Traffic flaggers will be present to assist with restrictions to traffic flow. 
  • From Saturday, September 16th to Monday, September 18th, street paving and new markings will occur during the night.

16th Street Updates: 

  • Check back later for 16th Street updates

Resource Materials

  • layout of the proposed striping changes along 16th Street can be found here.
  • layout of the proposed striping changes along (Old) Dodge Street can be found here.

Project Schedule

The resurfacing of (Old) Dodge Street is anticipated to begin in late August 2023.
The resurfacing of 16th Street is anticipated to begin in late September or early October 2023.

 Contact Us

  • To submit a comment or receive project updates, join the project mailing list through our Contact Form.
  • To provide your input about a specific location within the project area, visit the City Map.


Kevin Carder, AICP
City Planner, City of Omaha
402-444-5150 x 2010