48th Street Improvements - Harrison to Q Street

About the Project

The City of Omaha (City) Public Works Department is preparing for the reconstruction of 48th Street from Harrison to Q Street and Q Street from 48th Street to 44th Street. The existing section on 48th Street is a 2-lane roadway, widened to 3-lanes at Harrison Street and Q Street for left turn lanes. The existing section on Q Street is a 2-lane roadway widened to 3-lanes at 48th and 44th for left turn lanes.  An alternatives analysis will be conducted to determine whether a 2-lane roadway or a 3-lane roadway or some combination of the two will be built. The analysis will also evaluate sidewalk locations, widths and setbacks.

Project Purpose

The purpose of the project is to replace aging and deteriorating pavement, address access management needs, enhance pedestrian facilities, improve transportation facility operations, safety and mobility of the traveling public on both the Q Street and 48th Street corridors.

Project Benefits

A traffic study will be completed at the intersections along 48th Street and Q Street and the associated roadway segments. The study will determine the future typical sections, roadway geometry and to provide recommendations regarding possible auxiliary turn lanes, pedestrian facilities and access management. 

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Project Schedule


July 24, 2020
Thank you for those who attended the Virtual Meeting between June 23 and July23, 2020. The formal comment period is now closed. If you missed the meeting you may review the materials below:
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How Stakeholders and the Public Can Stay Involved

Public involvement is a key part of the design process, both to gather input and opinions on the roadway improvements in the early stages of the project. Stakeholders and the public can stay informed by bookmarking this project page on www.keepomahamoving.com, and by participating in the comment process.

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Kristi Evans, P.E.
Project Manager, Public Works Division
City of Omaha